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100W Solar Panels £159.99

The cost of manufacturing crystalline solar panels has reduced considerably over recent years which is great news for anyone wanting to take advantage of the free energy provided by the sun. You can now have a highly efficent monocrystalline 100W solar panel for only £159.99!!!! Check them out by clicking HERE.

Website update and custom programming started a couple of weeks ago and the work is still not complete! Sorry for any inconvenience all this may be causing you but everything is in the hands of the programmers and I'm trying my best to have it all sorted as soon as possible!

I'm having the website updated and also having a couple of custom programming jobs done based on customers feedback. If there is anything you can think of which may improve the use of the website please let me know. I'm sorry for any inconvenience the current work may be causing.

kind regards,


Well, the Facebook integration is not as straight forward as they would like you to believe. Since they started making major changes to improve things at Facebook it is causing many problems for business users everywhere. Hopefully they will finish what they set out to do and we will be able to continue posting comments, pictures and videos, but for the time being we'll just have to bear with things being as they are. Sorry for any inconvenience.


As a follow up from our last Site News of 13th Jan, you may or may not have noticed our new logo! We've been thinking about changing the name Motorhome-Auction for a while, not only because it may sometimes sound a bit too commercialised to some users but because a lot of people were having difficulty finding the website, for reasons mentioned in the previous news post. You will still get to the website using and also with as soon as I manage to get things set up.

Alfresco Bay was the original name we were going to use for the website but had a rethink just before going live with things and swapped it to Motorhome Auction. We thought Motorhome-Auction would be more to the point, 'does what it says on the tin' sort of speak, and be easy for everyone to find. We hope this change to Alfresco Bay doesn't cause you any confusion and that it meets your approval as a more suitable name considering the nature and aims of the site. Soon we will be integrating with the social networking site Facebook since this seems a very popular way of like minded people to communicate and keep in touch with everyone.

Kind regards,

Shaun, Nette & Thomas.

Hi and Happy New Year,

We hope you all had a good holiday and the festive video of the team we sent you brought a smile.

The website is having a slight revamp to keep up with technology and the increasingly popular social networking phenomena. There are dozens of motorhome forums on the internet and since ours is seeing very little action we need to consider alternatives which would be of more interest and benefit to you. A Blog has been considered and also a Facebook page. We are also considering a new website name because we noticed since doing the shows last summer that quite a substantial amount of people were visiting someone else's website believing it was ours. This was caused by a simple mistake of not putting the hyphen between Motorhome and Auction when typing into their browser address bar. When people visited the other, unrelated website they felt let down because it is not an auction site at all but just another website with affiliate links to motorhomes listed on ebay and as a result visitors don't bother looking for us again.

The idea of our website is to create an economical and friendly marketplace for like minded people who enjoy everything to do with motorhomes and the great outdoors. The general consensus is that people are increasingly becoming more frustrated, disappointed and tired of the faceless commercialness of big, costly, and un-personable organizations such as ebay etc.

Our idea for a friendly and more trustworthy niche marketplace will only work with your support and participation so please take advantage of the services this site offers and part with the things you no longer need or want by listing them on here. Let others have the enjoyable opportunity of winning a bargain by bidding for your unwanted items. If you are looking for something which is not listed or you are having trouble finding elsewhere why not make use of the Wanted Ads so everyone visiting the site can see you are looking for a specific motorhome, accessory or part. You never know, whatever it is youíre after might just be sitting idle or unwanted in someoneís garage, workshop or shed.

So, hereís to a friendly, fun and fulfilling year ahead. Wherever you may be travelling and whatever you enjoy doing donít forget to mention us to your friends and family, and let everyone you meet know about our website.

Kind regards and all the best,

Shaun, Nette & Thomas

The Motorhome Show Season Finale at Lincoln has just past last weekend and what a cold and wet time we had! Still, plenty of you braved the horrible weather to look around the trade stands and all the motorhomes for sale. The evenings entertainment was pretty good again, like all Warners shows.
I was on my own again as Thomas was at school so I arrived Wednesday evening so I had all day Thursday to set things up and left Monday morning after packing a soggy tent and other gear.
The wind over the weekend was pretty bad, I was lucky nothing of mine blew away or was damaged but other traders weren't so lucky.

Very troubled sky!

One of many crumpled tent frames from the trade area.

Buddy Holly. Not the best of photos but the best I could do from my mobile phone.

I was at this show on my own and was very busy so didn't have time to take any photos, but you will find plenty here taken by the Stone Leisure staff.

Well, what a show. Cowboys and indians everywhere, shootouts, pistol drawing competitions, falconry. Oh, and lots of new and used motorhomes, accessories and related things.

After a night on the liquor Stan surveys the camp pondering over who could have put that cottage pie in his chammies!

Come and see us on stand 112 at The Western Motorhome Show, Three Counties Showground, Malvern on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of August. It should be a good family show with cowboys and indians, falconry displays, day and evening music etc, etc. If you are thinking of buying a new or used motorhome, campervan, motorcaravan, American RV or any parts and accessories then this is the show to be at. Click HERE or the link on the front page to be taken straight to the show website (if you can't see the logo link on the right hand side of the home page just refresh it and it should appear).

The Northern Motorcaravan Show has been and gone. The weather was a bit better than the previous show and more visitors came to our stand and checked us out on line when they got home. Our display was improved from the first show with proper display boards instead of the mdf boards and plastic sheets we had previously. I intended to take lots of photos of things but we were so rushed off our feet there wasn't much time for anything else. Nette did manage to have a quick look around some of the new and used motorhomes and campervans for sale but only managed to take a couple of photos.

The Northern Motorcaravan Show is drawing closer 16th-18th July. We're really looking forward to it so come and see us on stand 32A and have a chat.
Well what a mad rush we had getting things together for this, our first event as stallholders to promote Motorhome-Auction!

The tent arrived two days beforehand (and wasn't the one we were told it was! But that's another story) and the banner and boards were picked up from the printers Thursday afternoon, the day we set off. We were still printing and laminating things right up to hitting the road Thursday evening. It was gone 9pm when we arrived at the showground to set things up. Thomas got stuck straight in giving a hand and it wasn't long before the tent was up and the rest of the gear tucked away inside ready for finishing off early in the morning before the show opened. Paul with the stall next door introduced himself before producing a couple of bottles of nice red wine from his caravan which quickly went down very well indeed, cheers Paul.

Friday morning we opened the tent and were knocked back by the strong smell of diesel which had accumulated over night from someone's spillage which had seeped across the ground under the back of the tent, hardly noticeable though when the fresh air got circulated. About an hour later and the boards were furnished with laminated pictures of the website secured with double sided sticky pads I'd had hanging around for the last two decades, I always knew they would come in handy some day. The final touch was to raise the brand new, hot off the press, banner sporting our logo which required some improvisation and quick thinking to find a way to put it on display. Spare tent poles, re-shaped tent pegs, bungees and 15 minutes later we were all set up. I wonder who holds the patent for bungees?

Despite the downpours during the day we were surprised at the amount of interest generated by our little business which people continued to show during freezing, cloudy Saturday and lovely sunny Sunday. Everyone welcomed the idea of a better, simpler and less expensive alternative to the only other on-line auction site available
. We just need to get our name out there and let people know about our service.

The show went fine with lots to see and do although we didn't have much time to look around during open hours but we did get to see the entertainment on the big stage and managed to get a few people around us dancing on both evenings (it was the only way to keep warm).

After a nice interesting weekend we took the tent down and packed things away in the van and got home exhausted just before midnight Sunday, not before a couple of beers sat around Nette's mother's chimenea. We are sorting a better display set up for the next show, The Northern Motorcaravan Show at Cheshire showground 16th - 18th July. Hope to see you there.

Shaun, Nette & Thomas.

Our first display

Another angle of the stall

Lisa from Isabis Leisure

Hank Marvin


Boys from Sleek Leisure

£40K eh!!

We just managed to get the forum linked to the site Friday afternoon just in time for the show, so come on, get on there and do some foruming, don't be shy we want to hear from you!
Well, the Stratford show has come and gone and the weather was lovely on Saturday but a bit showery on Sunday. We met lots of nice people again and Thomas made friends with the neighbouring girls spending most of their time peddling around on their little bikes. Thomas has just turned five and just recently got rid of his stabilizers but put on a good show struggling through all the grass. We've seen him do better but only realised on Sunday he had been struggling with a flat front tyre for most of the time! Oh well, it's character building I suppose!

Here are some photos of the weekend.

Club International

Nette and Thomas with Imogen and Billy's Families

Thomas and Imogen with Autumn's family and friends

Jeff on his lovely Honda Gold Wing trike

Chris & Chris with their nice 5th wheel





The part of the show most people don't see, the clear up.

Look out for us at The Motorhome Show, Stratford-upon-Avon 4-6th June. Check your goody bag upon entering the show ground for one of our flyers, you might even identify us wandering around by recognizing our website logo on our T shirts, say hello if you do.
Welcome to Motorhome-Auction.

We have just started the site and have quite a bit of work to do setting things up properly so please keep coming back to see how we are getting on.

You must be registered and logged in to be able to see and use all the sites features and functions, for example Google Maps will only show you the location and distance of items by using the information (postcode) you enter during registering.

You must have a Paypal or Google Checkout account to be able to buy and sell on this site.

Kind regards,
Shaun, Nette and Thomas.

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